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News Host . Broadcast Journalist

Richard Hake

Richard is a host and reporter for National Public Radio's New York station, WNYC since 1992.  Click here for more info

Technology Consultant

Al Verbenko

Al has supported the technology needs of international companies including Warner Brothers, DC Comics, The New York Stock Exchange, Merrill Lynch, and a number of architectural design firms.  Click here for more info

Demo Producer . Voice Coach

Jennifer Duckworth

Jennifer has been a director, producer, casting director and voice over coach for nearly 20 yearsClick here for more info

Voice Over Consultant

Al Pinter

​Al has several years voice over acting experience in commercial, corporate and promos.  He has experience as both a Newscaster and a Disc Jockey.  Click here for more info

Producer . Voice Over Artist . Media Consultant

Maryann Carlson

Maryann is responsible for launching many media careers. She has coached numerous Broadcast Producers, on-air Talk Show Hosts, Voice Over Talent, leading experts appearing as guests on talk programs and Public Relations Representatives.  Click here for more info

Photographer . Voice Over Consultant

Eric Vitale

Eric is New York City Photographer
​and voice over artist. He has done commercial, corporate, and animation voice overs.
Click here for more info

Copywriting Consultant

Richard Kaufman

Richard is an award-winning Senior Copywriter who has created  advertising for Proctor & Gamble, Pillsbury, Kellogg’s, Sony, Absolut, Gillette,  and many others.  Click here for more info

Cinematographer . Videographer

Paul Rondeau

Paul's work has brought him all over the world, both geographically and creatively, from Russia to Central America, and all over the United StatesClick here for more info

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