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Listen below to the different types of demos we can produce to give you Maximum Marketablity

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Each demo we produce is tailored to your strengths as a voice actor for a strong marketing campaign.

Our demo producer Jennifer Duckworth has been a director, producer, casting director and voice over coach for nearly 20 years.  During that time, she has been teaching copyreading and producing demos for multiple facets of the voice over business: commercials, promos, audiobooks, characters/cartoons, corporate narration, and many more.  She has worked with clientele from all the major NY talent agencies – Access, Atlas, CESD, Buchwald and Paradigm to name a few.

Jen produces your tools-of-the-trade with attention to detail for your specific needs and strengths.  Currently operating the latest version of Pro Tools, recording with Neumann U87 mics (among others), and working with top-quality licensed production music.

Voice Over Demo Production

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